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Homelab Plans

I have a good bit of restructuring in my homelab which I will later upload a video to my channel or blog about it whichever comes first. If you take a look at the picture below and compare it to the Home Lab 2016 blog. You will notice that the Dell Poweredge R710 is now part of my vcenter cluster. I also have added a handful of virtual machines to the environment. With that being said I have some matters to handle to make this lab more "enterprise-like".


I'm look at purchasing another server to separate my production and developer environment, expand my ram capacity from 74GB to 144GB (+), and purchase newer storage which I will explain more soon. Even though this is a homelab I still want to take it as serious as I can because… Guys this is what gets you a job or at least experience to feel confident in what you are doing. Having a lab not only gives me the time learn at home to expand my knowledge but also gives me better integration with my entire family. The server that will expand the lab is probably going to be another R710 since I know the power usage and its pretty reliable. However, the other candidates are a R720, R510, and a cluster of R610's.

So the current R710 I want to have the internal drives upgraded to SAS 600GB 15k or 900GB 10K drives. I also want to upgrade the Perc 6/i controller (I have in the system currently) with a H700 to use raid 6 for a 2 drive failure rather than raid 5's 1 drive failure. In order to get that up and running I would like to purchase another computer to have those vm's vmotioned over to the developer server until I get the new drives in.

Production Server (R710)Raid Card - For Current R710 -
(total cost = $99.99)Hard Drive 600GB - For Current R710 -
(total cost = $474.00)Hard Drive 900GB - For 2nd server -
( total cost = $1,200.00)Datastore Size for Production server:600GB x 6 - 2.2TB900GB x 6 - 3.3TBDeveloper Server Options:*Option #1 - For the Developer server 6 bay (HDD's) -
http://www.ebay.com/itm/351858323472 (total cost = $348.00) Total Drive Storage ( Raid 6) - 7.3TB*Option #2 - For the Developer server 12 bay(HDD's) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/351858323472 (total cost = $696.00) Total Drive Storage ( Raid 6) - 18.2TB