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Home Datacenter 2017 "It's Time To Move"

Below is a link to my walk-through of my home lab. I hope everyone enjoys!

Just to get this out of the way first... I do live in a townhouse that I rent. So, it's kind of hard to make things the way I actually want to make them with wires going through the wall, AP's hanging from the ceiling, etc.,. so with that bearing in mind. I did move my network equipment from my upstairs spare bedroom aka IT junk room to the enclosed dell poweredge 4220 42u rack. I do however have one existing cable in red that snakes its way up the stair to my office/gaming room.

IT Junk room

Cisco 1811/1841
Brother wireless printer on standby
Old gaming case (4+ years old)

## Typical Watt usage for all the equipment in the PowerEdge 4220 is around 270-320 ##

Currently in the PowerEdge 4220 I have a good amount of goodies.

1x Arris cable modem - Comcast Cable
1x UBNT cloud key ( Migrated to a VM)
1x ASA 5506-X firewall with Firepower services
2x 3750's with stacking cables!!!
1x USB 2TB Veeam backup unit
1x R710 with 2 L5540's/72GB ram/ 2.5TB of storage
1x 2950 with 2 Quad cores (HT) / 32GB ram / 0 Storage

What's on my R710 you ask?




Cacti - Debian 8.5.0
Cacti Upgrade - Testing
DC2 - AD/DNS Master
DC3 - AD/DNS Slave
Debian - Folding@Home project
Debian - Freepbx 12/13
Debian - Seedbox
Debian - Unifi Cloud Key
Debian - Virtualmin
Debian - Webmin
Debian Webserver - Dev testing
Exchange 2013 - Enterprise Cal
Server 2012 - Veeam and Vcenter (Host)
Unitrends - Backup testing
Workstation - Personal VDI
Workstation - Sister's VDI
WSUS 2012 - Windows Update Server

Plans for expansion

7x 600GB or 900GB 15K drives in Raid 6 for Production R710
7x/13x 3TB drives in Raid 5 on R710 or r510
2 APC/tripplite UPS
1x 3750G 24p or 3x 3850 24p
7x UBNT 1080P cameras
1x ASA 5525-X
1x 3945e

Some internal work:

Separate vlans for different devices (servers, computers, phones,etc)
Upgrade IPsec tunnel to GRE with EIGRP / OSPF depending on devices
Centralized cloud storage (cold or nearline)
Azure for hot standby vm's
Point to Point Bridges for family nearby