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January 2019

Creating Multiple Vlan's - ASA 5500-X Series

It's always super exciting when you can dig into your own network and get more involved in it. If you have a business that might be a different story(*) unless you have a developer environment. In my case, I have a really nice sized environment that I'm looking to expand into other exciting new technologies. To proceed with this I'm going to be setting up sub-interfaced vlans…

When setting up sub-interfaces you will either need to use putty to get into the console of the ASA remotely or utilize the ASDM software. My ASA 5506-X is setup with the Base license right now with a total of 5 vlans. If I want more vlans i'll have to eventually upgrade to the Security Plus license or upgrade to a larger ASA. For the moment were just going to go with vlan 4,10,12, & 15. I have some general pictures below and some snippets of config.

You will see in the config that I have a security level of
100 set on the guest vlan. This is NOT typical but thanks to the Ubiquiti equipment I utilize within my environment the device(s) will only pull DHCP and DNS requests . Any device trying to reach out to the internet first has to follow through to the hotspot authentication page. This page traverses my subnet only to the controller and DHCP/DNS server. Once the device is authenticated all private classes are blocked to access. These are pretty handy when throwing AP's at different family or friends homes like when we through a large family party or a lot of friends come over. I'm eventually going to work on this more thoroughly and whip up a better solution. Read More…

Home Datacenter 2017 "It's Time To Move"

Below is a link to my walk-through of my home lab. I hope everyone enjoys!

Just to get this out of the way first... I do live in a townhouse that I rent. So, it's kind of hard to make things the way I actually want to make them with wires going through the wall, AP's hanging from the ceiling, etc.,. so with that bearing in mind. I did move my network equipment from my upstairs spare bedroom aka IT junk room to the enclosed dell poweredge 4220 42u rack. I do however have one existing cable in red that snakes its way up the stair to my office/gaming room.

IT Junk room Read More…

Is Security In Your Life Important?

What are some important things that come to mind right away that you want to protect? Your house, job, precious items, etc… Well, in the digital age of 2017 our priority needs to be on security.
Symantec Corporation stated these facts, "In 2015, we saw a record-setting total of nine mega-breaches, and the reported number of exposed identities jumped to 429 million. But this number hides a bigger story. In 2015, more companies chose not to reveal the full extent of their data breaches. A conservative estimate of unreported breaches pushes the number of records lost to more than half a billion.
An extremely profitable type of attack, ransomware will continue to ensnare PC users and expand to any network-connected device that can be held hostage for a profit. In 2015, ransomware found new targets in smart phones, Mac, and Linux systems. Symantec even demonstrated proof-of-concept attacks against smart watches and televisions in 2015." Read More…

Homelab Plans

Homelab 2017 Projects

I have a good bit of restructuring in my homelab which I will later upload a video to my channel or blog about it whichever comes first. If you take a look at the picture below and compare it to the Home Lab 2016 blog. You will notice that the Dell Poweredge R710 is now part of my vcenter cluster. I also have added a handful of virtual machines to the environment. With that being said I have some matters to handle to make this lab more "enterprise-like". Read More…