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Is Security In Your Life Important?

What are some important things that come to mind right away that you want to protect? Your house, job, precious items, etc… Well, in the digital age of 2017 our priority needs to be on security.
Symantec Corporation stated these facts, "In 2015, we saw a record-setting total of nine mega-breaches, and the reported number of exposed identities jumped to 429 million. But this number hides a bigger story. In 2015, more companies chose not to reveal the full extent of their data breaches. A conservative estimate of unreported breaches pushes the number of records lost to more than half a billion.
An extremely profitable type of attack, ransomware will continue to ensnare PC users and expand to any network-connected device that can be held hostage for a profit. In 2015, ransomware found new targets in smart phones, Mac, and Linux systems. Symantec even demonstrated proof-of-concept attacks against smart watches and televisions in 2015."

As we can see by the above statement, many other security vendors are seeing similar increases in cyber threats. The question though, is, what can we do to take preventative measures or try the best we can at eliminating the chance of an unknown individual getting ahold of our personal information? Well, one step that I wanted to take a look at out of a series of security posts is how we manage our passwords, credit cards and other personal information. When looking at my own personal data I wanted to break my information up into different locations or different providers I use to store my data. I've personally used google to manage all my information but have recently decided to change who has what data to limit the vulnerability of penetration if I was compromised. The company that I use to manage my passwords, cards, and notes is the company called LastPass. LastPass is free but to me $1.00 USD a month is hardly anything for keeping data secure. You can even compare what the personal (Free vs Premium) features are to better select which one works for you. I upgraded to the premium version because of the Yubico bundle that was being offered. I though to myself about getting the Yubico key to log into my Apple Macbook Pro as well as several other servers/workstations I have but to also use it as a second type of authentication. Most people that are tech savvy think that using dual factor authentication is secure when using text, calling, or account authentication through iCloud or Google. However, that's not the case as those can be spoofed especially text/call verification. I personally would rather have a physical device in my hands as a second authentication. Another nice feature that LastPass provides is an in application security challenge. It will scan all imported or created information and sort of give your information a test. That test will then come up in front of you display your score as well as what should be changed. Then after you can then generate new complex passwords better than the Password123 passwords you may have. This app has way too many features to talk about but you can always go to the webpage at to get more information.


With the above information, it is always good to monitor and keep your security at the highest level possible. If reason cannot afford the $1 a month the free version is very viable but you do of course have
Google Chrome and Keepass (Keepass Installer, KeyPass Portable, KeePAssX OS X). Both options are free! You can either click on the blue links to download them via my storage or directly go to the vendor's pages.